Support Gender Equity in Honduras

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Did you know 65% of Hondurans live on

$2 per day?


The Amiga Project is a nonprofit organization founded by a team of teachers and students who have a direct relationship with Honduras and her people. Our goal is to support projects that promote gender equity in Honduras . We also hope to empower our network of supporters to do the same.


In Honduras, we support feminists projects that help people gain access to and benefit from education, healthcare, mentoring, leadership training, and enrichment programs. 

Did you know 25% of Honduran girls ages 14-24 do not work or attend school?


To support projects that promote gender equity in Honduras and empower our network of supporters to serve as ambassadors for Honduras and for this cause.    

Did you know 25% of Hondurans are illiterate?


We offer the unique opportunity to experience the real Honduras and serve as a mentor to girls through our summer travel program. 


Buy a friendship bracelet and support feminist projects in Honduras