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Did you know the name HONDURAS translates to “great depths” in Spanish? It was named by Christopher Columbus after the deep waters he saw along the coast. 


Saturday: Travel day

Sunday: Day trip to Punta Sal/Copan Ruins

Monday: Day 1 projects/activities at OLR

+ afternoon field day with kids 

Tuesday: Day 2 projects/activities at OLR

Wednesday: Day 3 projects/activities at OLR

+ overnight in mountains of Santa Barbara with kids

Thursday: Day 4 projects/activities at OLR

+ evening BBQ cookout/soccer

Friday: Day 5 projects/activities at OLR

+ morning hike/kayaking trip + evening carnival/soccer

Saturday: Beach trip with kids at OLR

Sunday: Church with girls + final day at OLR

Monday: Travel day 

Did you know climate change is having devastating effects on Honduras? Parts of the country are called "The Dry Corridor," an area of Central America that has been experiencing prolonged and more frequent droughts in recent history

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