Did you know 50% of Hondurans live in areas vulnerable to extreme weather, drought, and natural disaster? 


The Amiga Project began in a classroom. And in Honduras. Or somewhere in between - on the beaches, riversides, mountain roads, classrooms, and dining rooms of Honduras. We are a group of teachers and students who feel a deep connection to Honduras. We wanted to do more for Honduras, beyond our yearly "mission" trips. Each of us first traveled to Honduras as teens. We have all been moved by  the beauty of the landscape and the connection among people, which we have been privileged to experience even if we are only there for short visits. Despite the global issues Honduras faces, like poverty, climate change, and educational inequity, Hondurans, especially girls, are poised to be the change agents of their small nation. Our goal is to be part of that movement. To be true AMIGAS to this country and her people. 

Did you know 15% of Honduran children work instead of attending school?

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