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Did you know the friendship bracelet is an ancient tradition? They made a resurgence in Central America in the 1980s when people wore them at protests in support of the many Mayans who were "disappearing" under oppressive political regimes. 


AMIGA BANDS are the brainchild of a team of young men who were inspired by a service trip they took to Honduras in high school.  They want to create a social enterprise that would be accessible to their friends and whose profits would support girls in Honduras. 


Friendship bracelets are a commonly shared activity between Honduran girls and visiting friends from other countries. AMIGA BANDS are a visible symbol for all girls in Honduras. They present strength, resilience, hard work, and diversity. Each AMIGA BAND is hand-made by artisans in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.


All proceeds feed into a "girl grants" fund administered by the AMIGAS Team. 

Did you know the unemployment rate in Honduras is high, at 40% of the adult population? Most artisans are not technically employed, according to the government. 

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